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Goomba's perspective Goomba's perspective

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Mushroom Joke Gets Old

Mario Mushrooms being hallucinogens has been way too overdone.
And the rest of the piece was just a little too generic. Basically the whole way through you could tell exactly what was about to happen. As for the animation itself, it was pretty damn fluid; I'll give you a 7 for that, but everything else; needs work. Especially the humor. Also - try to find your own art style, this looked a bit too much like someone trying to clone an Egoraptor movie. Well that's just my opinion. Good luck for any future movies.

SRM Rock Guitar Band Hero SRM Rock Guitar Band Hero

Rated 5 / 5 stars

And just when I thought you were done with SRM

Great Comeback man. Great Comeback.

Battosai810 responds:

Thanks! I'll admit it'd been a while since I made an SRM toon; probably too long!

Katan Katan

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I will start by saying I loved this movie. My only complaint is I think it would have been a bit better without the blood (the bug's blood felt appropriate but not otherwise), just because it didn't fit the nature of the movie. But the inclusion of blood is a very mere setback. I enjoyed this from the second the hammers starting rhythmically breaking rock to the very end. The art did improve as it went along like you pointed out, but eve at the beginning it was still better than most movies on this site. The character design was amazing, the creatures were not all identical but shared a body type an really got across the point that they were a speicies not a bunch of carbon copy slaves (Though they did act like slaves in the story. :P). The animation throughout shared a great fluidity with little in the means of delays or boring scenes. The plot was simple yet enjoyable, and played out much like a child's cartoon, we knew the character would win in the end, it was just a matter of how, and sometimes there's nothing wrong with that. In fact it worked quite well here. The music fit the film perfectly and the bits that were in sync with the song were more interesting to watch, though I am aware you didn't create the song, so all credit for that goes to I. Habgood. Still good choice of music, anyways. The overall polish and quality of presentation was outstanding. My hat is off to you, sir. 10/10 5/5 and Favorited.

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one mighty tasty brain one mighty tasty brain

Rated 1 / 5 stars

A Poor Poor Use of this Song

A very poor display of animation overall. It was choppy, poorly lip synced, inconsistent and made little sense. The whole toon was very very hard to follow, nothing was clearly communicated and many sequences didn't make sense. A character would be mid-way through a certain action and then would be doing something completely different with no explanation or transition. I feel the audio is what scored you points here for the most part and it is seriously an atrocity to steal someone's material without stating that you didn't make it, let alone giving a large amount of credit to the rightful creator. The art style, didn't make sense in the situation, and even more so the character design was ridiculous. Half the characters which were supposed to be zombies looked like they were ripped out of Yughio or Dragonball-Z. And the Cameos? What the hell was with the Cameos? Did you think putting other people's characters which I doubt you asked permission to use in your film in unbelievably bad times would give you a better score? All in all this was a mess of stolen content and choppy animations. I can see this took some effort, but it just isn't Portal quality, it is hard to follow and other than the music completely un-enjoyable. Personally I think if you want to improve use a different art style for certain situations, you seem to be talented in the anime department but it just felt lackluster and poorly imported into the movie. Spend more time making sure you can tell what's going on and what happened prior to certain actions, as well as work on recognizing what movements or colours pull people's eyes because at many times the center of focus didn't stand out and I found myself more drawn to examine the bullet holes in the window, which coincidently appeared long after the window was shot. -__- 2/10 Need a lot of improvement.

Olzone responds:

yeah youre right instead of a full 7 minutes i should short it down and parody a video game for 10 seconds. like a mindless zomBBIEIIAIEGI BRAINS BRAINS
sure i need improvement, sure it wasnt the BEST , i know that
lip sync should have done better if not the flash korrupted on me.
and accuse me of stolen material?. thats low dude...
lighten up its halloween not hella-whine

(16-bit) Russio (16-bit) Russio

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Honestly Quite Well Done

As I watched I perceived this as a character that follows the whole Chuck Norris style thing where he's just so epic that he can slam revolving doors or in this character's case, he punches Tetris blocks in the face. Now if I'm wrong excuse me as I'm not always great at picking out more subtle character personalities but if that was what you were going for you might have wanted to make it a bit more obvious. And if that's not what you're were going for even more reason to make it more obvious. Anyways as for art, I don't personally like the whole 8 bit or 16 bit styles but I can see the difficulty in making movies from those graphics sets. I think it was mostly very well done as the background wasn't too detailed and the character still caught your eye. As for sound it was just music, which by chance I despised. I hated the music, it was obnoxious and almost malicious, ahahha, but I think that's what you aimed for. It was a little short, and sometimes that's not a problem however in this case I think it could have been longer. The original song was 1:49 so you potentially could have made it much longer. Simply put it was over before I knew what happened. The Overall presentation was nice though, it could have been a bit longer but it was still short and to the point. No segments made me laugh out loud but a few segments did make me smirk. Probably the biggest problems are as follows: Length, (Sorry I realise you've acknowledged it already, but it is a problem.) Idea needs to be Better Communicated and the TV segment was confusing and drew your eyes' attention away from the center point naturally. Overall not bad. Although I don't quite understand what it was aiming for... :P

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Surn responds:

I don't clearly remember what I was aiming for either but a Chuck Norris resemblance wasn't a priority, so you're not that far off. As for the music you're not alone in disliking it as 2 or 3 others have noted it as a bit of an irritant. As for the length you seem to be the first to really agree with me on that. As for the TV scene you're right, I need to learn how to guide the viewer's eyes properly. Thanks for reviewing, this has to be one of the more balanced reviews I've gotten, really appreciated.

Gone Too Far Too Gone Too Far Too

Rated 5 / 5 stars

One of the Best movies on the Portal!

I loved every second of the movie (unlike the first) I was simply amazed at how a series could go from one of the stupidest movies on earth besides the animation to honestly one of the best pieces of art I've ever seen. At no time during this movie did I feel like it was half assed. The lip syncing was top notch, the animation was slick and smooth and the character design for the lead zombie as well as the Werewolf guy was amazing. There's so much detail in every scene, from the textured background objects to the joke cracking tombstones everything is absolutely PERFECT for a Halloween themed movie like this. One choice I noticed you make was there was little to no blood that I noticed anyhow. I think that was a great choice, making it a friendly Halloween toon rather than a gorefest like so many other movies choose to unfittingly be. The zombies were awesome, because all of them had different styles. Some were the more modern 28 days later zombies with gray skin, some were the classic green ones and some were straight up skeletons. I loved the diversity, and normally that would ruin a movie but the way you made it, i just somehow worked. Well If I keep writing I'll start rambling but to sum it up I've watched this movie 6 times now and still love it. 10/10

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DonkeysBazooka responds:

thanks a ton, man! i'm glad you liked it!.. and actually i'm kinda glad you didn't like the first one. really makes me feel like i've improved

Fates Worse Than Death Fates Worse Than Death

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Very Overrated

Seriously now? 3.92? I am sorry to come across as so negative here but this was a bland, disgusting animation that has gotten far more good reception than it really ought to of. The animation doesn't look too good, and the art is very unimpressive. Other animations of this score are far more smooth, detailed and polished looking. Here the characters look differentley porportioned in each scene, and it's not consistant. Next we'll move onto sound, well needless to say it had none. The only sound provided was a repitive dull song that I imagine was made with prefab FL studio loops. Story? Well not much was provided but the fact that it's an ad for some hardcore web roleplaying domain means not much will be shown, but what I see is a handful of different sci-fi and cyberpunk themes poorley thrashed into a short film. Lastly presentation and polish. Overall not too impressed I think using the Newgrounds portal as a place for free ads adressing non portal games is a poor use of the freedom the portal gives us and a waste of many users' time. It lacked polish in many ways, such as the hobo's upside down hand, the disapearing and reapearing children (there one scene then not the next then there again), the baseball bat in a safe (What the Hell, I mean serious?) and the gate clipping through the Indian guy. I get it that this no doubt took some time, but I personally detested every last second of this. That's my opinion. That's what a review is for. By rating it low I'm not saying that's the score it should get, but in my eyes this was a piece of junk and nothing will be able to change my mind.

SENSE... this makes none SENSE... this makes none

Rated 0 / 5 stars

No Effort

You're getting a zero, but what more could you expect. It was a needlessly vulgar Microsoft Sam voice followed by some anime cat person looping a seemingly 3-frame animation, while a song you obviously didn't create played through. I can't give you constructive criticism as I don't think you even thought it would pass judgement. Do us all a favor, and please keep Newgrounds spamless.

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insanitywolves responds:

this did have efoort in it, its meant to look like this thank you :I and i know i didnt create the song its Blood Sugar by Pendulum and the voice at the begining is actually a part of the song

look up blood sugar by pendulum on youtube and there should be a video with a picture of a dude holding a cup saying "how bout a cup of shut the fuck up", click that, its the origonal and skip to like 1:10 and listen then after it starts talking it has a looped animation of a man hitting a stick against a mug, thats where i got the idea for this from

and if it passed judgement then apperently it isnt spam and if you think it was and cant give me constructive criticisim, that renders your comment useless/spam FFFFF