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Outpost:Haven Outpost:Haven

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Generic is the Key Word Here

What's with all these 'survival horror' games that always boil down to nothing more than a top down shooter with poorly lit environments? For what it is, it's an okay game - but the top down genre is one that makes up a large part of the internet's flash games, and to stand out, your game needs to do something special. I played through this hoping or that something to be introduced but besides a few gimmicks it was no different than any of this website's other mindless shooters. Even the atmosphere felt overdone, we've seen movies, video games and even other Newgrounds submissions that carry out this exact feeling - I won't lie - It was cool the first few times - for sure it was, but when something becomes too predictable, it loses it's magic. Look, I know, Flash games take a lot of effort to make, I could never make a game on par with this, but a review is a personal opinion, not a score derived from sympathy. Yeah; It's a well made game, you added everything a standard top down shooter needs, survival mode, challenges, a multitude of upgradable weapons and even spectacular physics in a FLASH GAME! But.. in the end it's just more of the same. It was decently entertaining while it lasted, but it's nothing I'll remember for more than a few days. And for that I gotta give you a 7.

Osama's Revenge Osama's Revenge

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

An Entertaining little Game

"Osama's Revenge" was an entertaining little game, but not much more. There wasn't much to it, a simple boss-fight that can be completed with ease in well under a minute or two, yet it was done well and didn't overstay it's welcome. The game is good for a few laughs and is the kind of thing you'd get sent to you in an email, thankfully you understood that and respected it, keeping it simple and not throwing in tons of different modes, or unlocks, or stages in, just for the sake of content. The game felt like it should, simple controls, smooth animations and a slick art style. I can't give you a ten as it wasn't anything amazing or groundbreaking, but it was what it was, a fun little game designed to get a few laughs and kill about a minute or two, and I enjoyed it. 7/10 Nice job getting the game up while the topic was still recent! I hope to see more games from you in the future as well, the fact that you made a game of this quality in only a few short days is truly amazing. - JohnCamPro

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Kenney responds:

Thanks for your review and I agree, it's a simple little game. Nothing new or unique, just a quick game.

The Gun Game 2 The Gun Game 2

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

An Unfortunate Let Down

When I first played The Gun Game 2 I was fairly excited, but after completion, I was substantially let down. Normally more of the same type of content, more customization and an added/better story can be the base of a great sequel. For The Gun Game, this was not the case. I loved the Gun Game 1, it felt like a simulation of gun collecting and firing. The gameplay itself felt too heavily focused on rewards and unlocks unlike the first, as many of the numerous missions felt rushed, too easy or flat out stupid, not to say though that all the missions were un-enjoyable, because I did still have fun with the game. The rest seemed to rely on the same physics so... good as usual! The sound was improved in complexity from the first, the addition of more sounds reacting to things in the physical world as well as the implementation of music. I must say though the music was fairly annoying and I found myself drawn to the "mute music" button, which by the way, is a little bugged. No big deal though. The story was a major weak-point, being told through the newspaper, it almost feels like it would have been better off without the newspaper, if there was none present like the game's predecessor, no one would say anything, but with the inclusion of the quest for the Rosemary, you give people the option to go, 'Wow, what a bad story line.' The art for the weapons was much improved in this one which is always good, however the whole cartoony art style for everything else felt unnecessary. Which is actually one of my main problems, the new style and overall presentation killed the game. The cheesy story, the lackluster creation of your cartoon portrait, the inclusion of enemies that you take on during the duels, the futuristic or fake weaponry (everything from the KH90 to the Rosemary) killed the element of a solid simulation and collection game. Don't get me wrong, It was a good game, gameplay is what matters right? Despite some below average puzzles the gameplay content was satisfying but some semi-broken concepts like the whole active mission system or the attempt to put in characters, a face to the player controlled gunman and a world for the game to take place in definitely killed the feeling The Gun Game 1 presented to us, and took away some of the fun. 7/10 3/5 Decent game, but an overall let down due to my high expectations.

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Lights Off v2 Lights Off v2

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Very Good Concept, Lacks Addiction Value

I love puzzle games. When you get stuck on a level it is frustrating but it makes it all the more rewarding when you finish it. This game was easy to get the hang of and the levels played out in such an orderly fashion that you could speed through most of them in a short time. It was a fairly easy game. I did struggle with the later levels but at no point did It actually take much thinking. It was a decent concept, actually a really good concept! But the whole game lacks polish, it feels... unfinished. Most puzzle games bring in more elements in later levels. Maybe certain red lights which couldn't be clicked and would pose a problem. I don't know, that should be up to you to decide. What I'm trying to say is the engine is great, but you're going to get far littler good responses because it lacks what makes games addicting. People like the feeling of accomplishment, hell if they didn't that stupid ass Call of Duty Series wouldn't exist. What you need to do is what most successful puzzles do, add new problems to switch things up, have the background display various environments that change as you go, put in music that plays throughout and changes with the environment, make some tweaked modes, achievements, and throw in unlocks. Unlocks, unlocks unlocks. Everyone loves unlockables. Your game has meat on it's bones, but that's all it has. You need filler to keep people hooked, you need the chicken skin my friend, and I don't mean that shake n' bake crap! I'll give you a 6/10 because it's an amazing concept and game but has all too much room for improvement.

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DiceMan2009 responds:

This is the most constructive criticism Ive ever had, and i thank you for it :)

Zombies - Surrounded Zombies - Surrounded

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Sincerely disappointed!

Zombies the Beginning was great. A first person fully interactive puzzle game. Now you've taken just about everything that was good and immersive and swapped it out for a half assed top down engine in which the act of crossing from one side of a room to another is tedious and annoying. I brought myself to play the entire game and I have to say the way it played out was disappointing as well. I suspected the sequel to include much much more outdoor stuff, or at least more progression from building to building. The shooting and puzzles weren't amazing either but those aren't what made or broke the first. It also wasn't enough about the characters, that's what makes zombie movies and games so good. Same scenario with completely different people, it's cool to see how it plays out. Yours though focused on none of that, in the first it didn't either but at least then the rest of the story seemed well and kept you on edge, plus I can't expect anything spectacular from a first in the character department. All in all I can ignore the boring action in games if the atmosphere, story and pacing is done well. However unfortunately this game didn't succeed to much in any of those categories. Now don't get me wrong I'm sure you put in a lot of effort, but personally I didn't enjoy it. Here me out, If you do make the third tweaked and more fitting to how a zombie game should be, exploration, story and good characters I will be the first to rate is 10 out of 10. Until then though I have to give this a flat 5.

MichaelJ responds:

You told me all about what was wrong with the game, and said to make it better. But you didn't really say how. I don't understand why you think this one is worse than the first one. So.. this review really doesn't help me. There was only one room with an overhead engine... and all you have to do to move is press the arrow keys, how is that so tedious?
It's just a flash game dude, not a universal movie. Thanks for being honest though.